Blogger breakfast & amazing collections from Next Home! Vlog

Back in April, I was invited by Next for their VIP Blogger Breakfast event to showcase their amazing collections! It was honestly the perfect event! Next Home collections looked incredible and all that accompanied by a perfect company of fellow bloggers with yummy food! I have enjoyed the event so much!
 I have started the day quite early, but it was definitely so worthy to get up at this time! I have decided to do a vlog for the occasions! It took me while as I was learning video editing while working full time again! :) The video  is freshly uploaded with some shaky problem but hopefully, I'll be able to fix it in no time!  Don't forget to scroll down below to find images from the event. I am normally not so much focused on food, but on this event it was hard to ignore it! It was so beautifully presented and it tasted amazing!

The one thing I love during event's is the right light and venue! Next picked a beautiful place on Cross street! Taking photos was super easy even for me, who still learn photography! I think here, words are not as important as images and video's so I'll let you enjoy them both xx


  1. Lovely photos. Looks like it was a great event. Love your hair by the way.

  2. This looks like an amazing event and your photos are superb, I love the star light x


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