Festival trends 2016

Perhaps, I am not only the one who check trends reports after each festival. I love to see the creativity and the bohemian style. I think every year there is something new exciting coming to it. This year, I think the highlight was hair glitter! Specifically, the glitter roots! I totally loved this little buns and sparkles in between! Also, another trend spotted this year is tiny lip tattoos! Instagrammers and beauty bloggers use tiny nail stickers or just body fake tattoo's (yes the ones you apply with water) and apply them on lips along with cool coloured lipsticks! Forget the Kylie lippy! Now, that's something! 

I know, I can never compare Coachella to rainy Glastonbury ;) but I still think, UK fashionistas always prepare something great, 'Whatever the weather'! I do really like when bohemian style enters the summer trends as soon the words 'festival' start popping up on adverts, Instagram & fashion magazines.  I have looked into trend reports from this year Glastonbury, and I must say that all the celebrities looked rather boring. All the colours were muted  with brownish and greyish tones and I didn't see the craze pop up of colour. Just have a look into Vogue trend report from Glastonbury 2016.. ah boring! I was more impressed with fashion bloggers, who don't pay for the personal stylist as they are stylists them self! We rock!

I had a little browse through the internet to find best places and inspirations for outfits and you can find so many amazing places! I found an amazing shop to buy festival outfits at  Rockit and fell in love with DKNY silver body warmer! A must have! I think the best place to buy jewellery would be Etsy as you can personalise it and find truly unique items but you can't miss the BohoMoon website too. I could stare at their instagram for years!
I felt little inspired and created my own Festival trends 2016 Pinterest board. My little plan is to create each on every year and just compare it. What do you think?

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  1. I love your festival trends images, you are right about celebrities, many are over styled so they remain tasteful, rather than having fun with fashion.

  2. You've found some great festival trends. I love the glitter roots!

  3. I love white nail polish - I think I need a good tan though before I paint my nails white!

  4. I love these trends! I will wear almost all of them!

    A big kiss!


  5. I'm so in love with the glittery roots but at the same time i F**KING hate glitter! It looks so pretty, but it literally lives on my face and body for weeks after I've used it, such a shame!

    Isabelle | www.isabellekategm.co.uk ♡

  6. I love the glitter roots looks but that must be a bitch to remove!

  7. Ive not been to a festival, but many a raves in my youth!
    Love the glitter, but as your previous commenter says i bet its a bugger to get out, worth it though!

  8. Love the idea of comparing trends each year. I adore the hair glitter, pre toddler I would definitely have been doing that x


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