Let's talk fashion with pink hair!

Pink Hair Outfit fashion style
Most of you, know my blog as an interior design blog despite I have of course categories like Beauty, Fashion and general lifestyle. You may perhaps notice, that I recently added a new category:Travels! I have few exciting trips I wanted to share with you, hence the little change!
Today, I also wanted to let you know I will be adding more Fashion posts. Believe me or not, but is not easy to style an amazing outfit with a pink hair. I really need to watch colours, patterns even textures. I have sold all my neon, yellow and darker clothes. Having natural hair colour, you can do anything as your base is neutral! With me, my hair is already a statement itself but for example, if I mix it with bright yellow, orange or light green- it just doesn't work! Perhaps, some of them are my personal preferences as I seen Instagrammers, exploring the whole colour spectrum and looks great but I am not a huge fan! I love wearing metallics, greys, other pink shades and white or black and denim blue! I would never find that boring! So many of you told me that you think of getting pink hair, so I decided to show you as well a little more about what to wear or more what I wear and works great. I would rename the category to fashion with pink hair but is too long and won't fit in my layout;) 
Pink Hair Outfit fashion style
she designed the life she loved
So far, I would post more images to my Instagram rather here and I focused on blog about Interiors. Interior design will be always a huge part of this blog and this won't change, I promise! However, I want to now add little more posts into other categories as well. It will be a nice balanced mix. I recently started collaborations with great brands and I think it’s time I need to get off my shell and start doing bits I really enjoy in life! If I enjoy them, I will share of course! I have finally made a peace pack with my boyfriend, who previously refused to photograph me! You know, Instagram boyfriend drama’s ;) I think now, he realised that my blog is kind of going really well and with current demands, I can’t just rely on a tripod! I need that other person behind the camera! I also want to start working with photographers once in a while, who are very experienced so I don’t need to nudge all the time like my boyfriend to not cut my head or shoes from picture’s, you know what I am talking about! ;)  The world is full of such an amazing brands and it’s hard to miss them! 
When I look online for clothes to match recent collabs requirements, I see so many amazing brands! Usually, my collaboration works on being sent 1-2 pieces of clothing and I am choosing the rest to complement the look. I usually try to find unique stores and quirky places. It takes a while you know ;) . I am little jealous of my male blogger friends, who perhaps have easier with online stores like Stand-Out where they have all amazing branded clothes in one place. I usually end up browsing Amazon like this one to buy statement jeans or jewellery in the end.
I do have to admit, so far I was so fortunate that I already worked with amazing brands! Despite my blog, just passed the first bday in May (You can read here about Blog tea party bday) I was approached by many amazing companies, and worked on fabulous campaigns!
I recently joined brands like Farfetch and Michael Kors, so you will see the results of the collaboration soon on the blog! There is, of course, more brands! I also became an ambassador for a SkinnyCoffeeClub on Instagram where I will be posting results on this! There is so much more to come, I am personally super excited! I have many things to announce as well! I don’t want to say it yet, you know… Watch out boys & girls! :)
Pink Hair Outfit fashion style
Pink Hair Outfit fashion style
white Michael kors handbag outfit
pink shoes outfit
pink shoes outfit with pink hair

ps. You can now Shop My Style!

*collaborative post


  1. I love the colour of your hair so much! I love that you have shoes to match the colour.

  2. I love the colour of your hair! I used to dye mine all the time! Your outfit choice is great! I like that you are expanding the blog from interior to fashion and beauty!

  3. I love your hair! :) The outfit is just amazing too. Those shoes are to dieeee for. If only pink suited me.. haha!

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

  4. My hubby doesn't like photographing me either - I drive him mad taking photos all of the time haha! Really looking forward to seeing about all of the new things you are talking about in your future posts. Nice to hear your blog is doing so well :)

  5. You have amazing style and I'm excited that you're going to do more fashion posts! I think it would be awesome to have pink hair...it makes even the most neutral outfit pop!

    COLLEENWELSCH.COM | An LA Lifestyle Blog


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