A week of my feet!

a week of my feet shoefie

Today, I want to take you on an unusual journey, a week of my feet! Inspired by a popular hashtag #IhaveThisthingsWithFloors, I decided to take on Luxury Flooring challenge and photograph all cool flooring types I found on my way, one each day. I'm totally obsessed with taking photos of my feet, whether it's a floor or shoes' or outfit, or whatever I find interesting on floors and believe me there is so many weird, funny and less describable what I can find on Manchester floors... Right, let's stick to the subject :)

While working as an interior designer, I have seen so many floor types, with amazing textures, designs and colours. From pretty tiles to carpets, rugs. Ah, I could just go on and on! Flooring these days is such an interesting subject! My favourite type lately is Victorian-Italian modern patchwork. Picture on top was taken at Manchester city centre florist store, right before they were making flower arrangements and I caught the ''mess'' ;) A beautiful mess!)

Let's take you on a journey then!

The first photo was taken at Wedgwood pottery factory in their beautiful restaurant. I totally adore the monochrome pattern! It was so beautifully detailed as well. I went there to a blogger event and we also enjoyed a yummy afternoon tea!

a week of my feet shoefie

The second photo is taken in a small boutique shop in Didsbury, near Manchester. As soon as I walked in, I was like, I love the floor! And of course, I said that out loud, taking other customer attention and making the owner laugh. I wasn't after their products, all I could see was the floor. I think I am excused after showing you the photo!

Next up is marbled tiles at House of Fraser in London, Kensington! As soon as we walked in with Natalia another interior blogger, one look onto the floor, without any further conversation we both automatically grabbed our phones and started taking ''shoe selfies'' or 'shoefie'' how we call it these days! It's was just a must!

This beautifully patterned circle you can find at the largest shopping centre in Manchester called Trafford centre! This place is full of amazing features like pink marble and statues even a self-playing piano! Tip! This circle was spotted by mua at the footbridge toward homewares!

This flooring was taken at my old office on my last day, before I was gently fired ;) Well, I wasn't fired, they just didn't extend my contract. Same thing. As I was leaving with my stash of boxes, while waited for a taxi, I looked down on floor feeling rather upset and then spotted! Love this pattern! I guess, I kept my head too high before;)

This cobble floor is right next where I live! It's funny because I deeply hate this floor while wearing high heels but I love it when I want to photograph outfit from the top! So just or the love-hate relationship with this floor, I felt like I had to honour it and include into the week of my feet!

The last one is my a pub floor! Manchester Revolution de Cuba bar! They have mixed few types of flooring there and it was so hard to pick one! I decided on this pattern in the end! Tip: Try their cocktails! The floor gets better after the second one ;) Just don't overdue as you want to still admire from the top, not facing it down! 

Ah, here you go a bonus a'la naturelle! Wales right by the seaside!

I feel like I could do this post every week! Manchester is full of amazing places! 
Which one is your favourite??

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*Collaborative post but opinion as always my own,girl gotta eat you know :) 


  1. Love this post - I recently moved to Manchester to pursue a career in fashion and I find myself taking shoefies all the time!!!

  2. Love Manchester too! I lived there for a while in the '90s but I was rarely sober enough to really appreciate the place. I suspect I would see it differently now. Really like that Wedgewood factory restaurant. Beautiful floor, was the rest of it as nice?

  3. This is a great blog post idea. I have never thought of shoefies before now. Lol.

  4. I love this post! What a great idea ... some gorgeous flooring there too!


  5. I love Manchester too and can vouch for the cocktails at Revs de Cuba for sure! Loving this "From Where I Stand" post :D

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  6. What an amazing post idea. There are so many beautiful floors! I swear around here it must be so DULL. Unless I've just never really noticed?!

    Also..I'm so glad I came across your blog again! I forgot how much I love it. I will be staying and reading a while! ^_^

  7. Oh Anna, I love this post. I might have to steal this idea myself. Although I have major shoe envy now. Love it, as always.

    Em xox

  8. I am actually doing something similar myself but with street art ( of course) I love this hashtag!

  9. Love this post. When I was in Paris alone, every photograph I took was just of my feet in different scenes.


  10. Loved this post. haha 'gently fired'. I love your positive attitude and flair you will definitely go very far..


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