Glamping at Bach Wen cottages review + Lava BrightSounds 2 Speaker Giveaway!

I went glamping! I needed a little time off to rewind and recharge batteries. We booked probably the most beautiful hidden spot in Wales we possibly could. Located at the Bach Wen Cottages, Dandelion & Burdock are twin camping pods that are placed at the fields overlooking Caernarfon Bay. I was looking for a place like that for quite a while and fellow blogger recommended that to me. I wouldn’t be more grateful! I emailed them straight away and booked the place for 2 days. It only cost us £60 per night. Now, I need to warn you; This post contains 30 stunning images!

Once we booked the place, I panicked. I never been glamping before, so I didn’t know what to take. I knew my wardrobe standards and the first thing I have packed was my comfortable onesie and my lovely wellies. It was pretty easy to find the place and our GPS took us straight there. We were given small trolley to get our stuff in, so packed like little hobbits we followed Helen the owner for our weekend adventure. I do have to mention here that the view surrounding the cottages, is just breathtaking. So beautiful and peaceful, with farm animals and we even spotted small bunny running in front of us. Helen took us to our pod, gave as keys and wished us a nice weekend…. and I stood there and gasped. Literally, in front of I was the most beautiful entrance ever. It was really well hidden within trees that if she wouldn’t point it to us, I would miss it. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. The entrance was a small forest gate with DIY steps, taking us through tree branches up to higher level. Once we climbed we passed along the pod and we were welcomed by beautiful sea-view.
The pods inside are stunning as well. I was worried, it will be a tiny space, but I was surprised actually as it was really reasonably sized. Inside, I found a cute stove and pretty decent bed with mattress and storage box, so we could hide our bags. It turns out that the pods are actually pretty well equipped. There was an electricity, a small hob and kettle as well as small fridge. The toilets and showers are few steps away in the communal area, but really well designed with wood and stone floors.  We packed our old duvet and cushions and I took spare blankets as well. We bought some small bucket BBQ, wood and charcoal but also paper plates which actually was a great idea as who want to run washing every 5min while these cost £1? Save the planet. We throw them to fire camp in the end so not producing much rubbish either. What we didn’t take was a pan. Which probably would be a great idea, but we helped ourselves with DIY tin foil pan for eggs. It worked. However, I had to scrape them all as no oil either. We had all food ready prepared to throw on the BBQ and this is basically what we did all day for past 2 days, BBQ. Literally everything. The only time I used the electric hob was to make a coffee or tea, which we didn’t drink much of these either as most of the time it was substituted by Pinot Noir or Whisky. High Life I must say, in a reasonable amount of course;) I was pleased that it was equipped with a small campfire and garden table with  chairs. So handy. 

The absolutely life-saver was our Lava BrightSounds 2 Bluetooth Speaker! We left at 7pm on Friday and we arrived by 8.30pm, so by the time we unpacked and opened our Pinot Noir, it was already slowly getting dark. Lava BrightSound 2 was the perfect choice for a speaker to take to glamping like that in any possibly way! We played our favourite music all the time and once it got completely dark, we switch on the build in LED lamp which gave us really nice soft ambience light. It has beautiful leather embossed strap, so we used it as well as a torch if we had to hit you know where ;) but also we had nice light around us while chilling next to BBQ. The speaker is designed really beautifully and comes with really nice choice of colours! It’s a great compact size and has USB port for charging it pretty much from anywhere. The sound quality was amazing too.
We have connected to my Apple music at first but then swapped to Spotify on Andras phone. We sat by the BBQ and played our favourite teenage songs, even the embarrassing ones ;) for the whole night while the light was on as well. It continuously played for 7h first night, then another 3h during the day, following by another 6h night and we didn’t have to re-charge it even once. It’s literally every glamping/camping/festival must have! It’s perfect indoor & outdoor.
 The sound volume is just right. We didn’t have any people camping next to us but even if we would, I doubt it would disturb them but it was enough for us to get us in great moods. I seriously  could go on and on about how beautiful it is as well. Currently, it stays next to my bedside table for my relaxing music during the night. Didn’t I mention it is also water resistant?! 
 You can now WIN this speaker! Get over to my Instagram page , regram the competition photo(very optional but it will help me to track entries!) , add 3 friends in comment & Follow ! Please check the T&C below. 
As well as BBQ food and chilling by the pod, we also, of course, went for walks. The beach is mostly with stones but with small sand areas as well, just perfect for fire camps! I found really pretty pastel pebbles and walking was just so enjoyable. I spend ours wandering around and chilling watching children playing in nearby and elderly people walking their dogs. On Saturday afternoon we took a bottle of wine and sat on the bench right by the sea drinking wine straight from a bottle and enjoying the sunset. The moment was incredible. We were passed but few walkers commenting how nice it was, pretty much everyone saying that are going to do same next time. It was like back in the teenage time. Now, we probably sound like drank a lot :) but believe me, it was in a reasonable amount as I wouldn’t want a hangover spoil our time there.
I would honestly, recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a weekend or week away to recharge batteries in the blissful environment. Don’t forget to enter my Instagram giveaway to win the Lava BrightSounds 2 Bluetooth Speaker! Please check the T&C below.

Do you have your favourite place like that? Tell me!

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  1. What a cute little trip! I've been wanting to go glamping for ages. It's nice just to have a few home comforts and not have to worry about getting a tent up and down again x

  2. We've been family glamping which was fun. This looks like a beautiful place.

  3. Waaaahhh I missed the competition! What a lovely part of the World you visited. X

    1. Hey, you didn't! It's until 28th of August! Plenty of time!

  4. camping within Dalby Forest, North Yorks - just as nice , plenty of walks and a lovely setting

  5. This looks absolutely divine! My favourite place to unwind is York. I think it's a wonderful city with a wide variety of things to do and to keep the children entertained. I know it isn't a camping or even glam ping location but being in a wheelchair it's not always easy to get to these locations!
    I would love to win this speaker to use in our back garden, it is my other favourite place to unwind! Letting the kids play and soaking up some sun (if we ever get any!)

  6. This looks heaven. I need to try Glamping! I love Cornwall, gorgeous scenery, beaches, food & walks!

  7. We stayed in a caravan on hols last year but the glamping area looked so much better!!

  8. I love Morden Hall Park, once a year you are allow to camp there and it's just lovely!

  9. Lovely post! I've been so wanting to try the pods for ages!! We've just got married and we fancy a mini moon away camping but this would be perfect! xxxxxx

  10. Have you ever been to Sker Beach near Porthcawl? To get there you walk a few miles through stunning sand dunes and then you crest the last sand dune and finally sea the beach and ocean in front of you. On a busy day there's normally only a handful of people there and the beach goes on for miles! Perfect location for a relaxing day at the beach.


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