My weekend DIY! Spray paint stool, angle-poise lamp and candlesticks!

So, It’s been too long since I last done any  DIY at home. I always enjoyed getting my hands dirty and jazzing up my pad. I had shared with you last month my Living room update post and when I looked back at the photos, something just didn’t look right. I had this bright orange stool, and copper accessories but despite your lovely comments (Thank you by the way!) for some reasons, it just didn’t feel right. 
I was sent a few cans of spray paint to test from PlastiKote and I knew straight away I will use to treat my orange stool. I got little carried away and grabbed my candlesticks and lamp on the way as well, ah some wire basket and just some decorative geometrical ornament. Once you pass me a spray paint, I will just spray the whole world around me! Sigh... 
I have begun with preparing my ‘’workstation’’. As an interior designer, I know how important is safety during DIY. It’s not just our health but also the surrounding and furniture, especially if you think of using spray paints! Every graffiti artist will tell you how possibly this can be dangerous, especially working in a small space like your own living room etc. I have a large plastic sheet that I use over time I do any DIY. I have covered my floor but also,  I have used old bed sheets to cover TV and other electrical. Spray paint creates loads of dust and also you can get covered so think of the right clothes as well. Not just the ones that can get dirty but also, that you won’t get on your way, avoid wide sleeves and metal studs etc. especially if you have a small area to paint and you need to get your hand in between already painted items. There is nothing more annoying than accidental remove of the paint to a nice smooth surface as you would need to start all over again. I would look for special stores that sell this type of workwear like for example Engelbert Strauss. You don't want your work to be ruined by your clothes! Believe me, I did that before and it’s nasty! Also, my strong advice would be to paint during a windy day if you do it at home and avoid doing it during a hot sunny day. Wind will help blow the smell out and help with drying, but during hot day the smell can stay longer! I have a small room so I locked my living room and covered my face and nose. I could still strongly smell the paint and believe me the toxics from spray paint can be really hazardous to your health! So always, always have windows wide open, covered your mouth and nose.
My idea was to transform my stool as I quite got tired of the bright orange colour and wanted to calm it down a bit, but also to jazz it up a bit. At first, I wanted to drill a hole into it to be able to put a mug inside. Just crazy idea, I know. I've seen these on Pinterest and just loved it! Especially that my boyfriend just bought himself a new drill from Homebase, and I am absolutely dying to get my hands on it! The lamp and the candlestick, it was just because I was holding the can and it was within my sight… unlucky victims of my creativity! ;) 

So, let’s tell you a bit about the process. Perhaps, I should have treated my stool first with a sanding paper but I stupidly throw away all while doing a huge clearcut last time and It was the day so I decided to try without.
  1. I gave the stool a little wipe with warm water and soap.
  2. Once it dried, I have used masking tape and just placed 2 simple stripes!
  3. I have sprayed all over the stool with PlastiKote primer.
  4. I wanted around 1h for the primer to dry and sprayed the first layer of my white spray paint.
  5. I let it dry for 1h and sprayed again, giving it in total 3 layers and waited for 5hours to dry.
  6. Once the stool was dry. I have put it upside down and painted gold leaf at the end of legs    to give it a little edge. I have used masking tape again but it leaked:( Try to cover it whole in foil this won’t happen to you.
  7. Once the stool was completely dry, I have slowly taken off the masking tape. Tadaa!
So, that’s it really! The photos of ready stool and all will be revealed in my next post don’t miss it out! 

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*I was sent the samples of the spray paints but opinion is entirely my own!


  1. Lovely update thanks a splash of colour - it's so great to see people change the items they have around rather then ditch old for new. Love it!

    Mel ★

  2. I love DIYs and especially these right now! I never thought of using spray paints to DIY things with. I'm going to have to try spray paint something now! :)

    Cat | What Cat Says


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