It's time to think of others, Breaking Barriers in design and life

When I went college to study interior design, I thought I will be designing beautiful and creative spaces only. It makes me laugh now, how little I knew about the world. As I was learning how to draw a space plan, make mood boards or sourcing the right furniture, I also gained awareness about other aspects than just beautiful interiors. It took a challenge as my final project in college to create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also that can be stylish. The idea came after I saw an elderly lady struggling to get to the shop. While I sat at the station waiting for my train, I started thinking what is her house like. While researching, I realised there was a limitation within stylish products available for people with limited mobility. Of course, some would say that these people need a functional space more than just a pretty one but why they can’t have a both? Why there is such a thing like a generalisation of who need a stylish space and who doesn’t? (image on top source)

I took the challenge and designed a bathroom for a person like that. It was only a college project so it was never built, but it really helped me to understand people's needs. Also, I gained a distinction from my course and thanks to this project, I was accepted to a University. 

Today, I really want to talk about these who really need us. I have the skills that I can use to help when it comes to design, but there are multiple ways that you can help without the designing skills. 

I was always thinking of other people more than about myself. I always wanted to help and I will be looking for ways how I can do it. Whether is a gaining more knowledge about how to design a space for people with limited mobility or other disabilities or in general or how to help people in any other ways.
Photography Lubos Houska source

A campaign by Bathroom Solutions called Bathroom Solutions called #BreakingBarriers helps an elderly people learn new skills and break the stigma of seeing an elderly people as those who are no longer able to learn anything. Yes, they can! On their website, people can find new information about tailored courses and activities that elderly people can take part in. Bathroom Solutions encourage to try new skills and share their videos but also to take the leap and you can help others too. You can find loads of information on how to start a blog, taking photographs or even learn a new language, so share the page away! I find this campaign really positive and so encouraging. Older people deserve our respect and we shouldn’t look at them as people who are sick or unable to work. They worked hard all their lives to help us have many things these days, so it’s a time say thank you and help them as well. We need to give it back.

Photography source

We can’t put people into boxes and limit them from decent life standards. Just because someone is older or have limited mobility, doesn’t mean we can just avoid them and let them ‘be’. These people went through a lot of a hard time and these are the ones, who need now functional space or a quality of a life. 

I can help design a space, and you can help to spread the awareness. How does it sound?

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  1. Great post. It is important to break these barriers and show that elderly can do things and have enjoyment despite age.

  2. This is a lovely post, elderly people are still capable of learning new things.


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