How to find a client or a professionals in Manchester with Bidvine

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Recently, I started my own adventure as an interior designer and full-time blogger. I spilt little beans in my post Girlboss, How to turn your passion into an income. I’m currently working on my portfolio, as well as professionals database like painters, tilers etc. Also, as a full-time blogger, I often need a proper quality photos. I've learned how to take photographs to make my own styling photos, but for my fashion posts, I do need a professional photographer. 

We all know it’s easy to just open a search engine and type for example street style photographer. There is a tiny problem with that. Most of the search engines will point out to someone who has a professional website and who is ranking well in that area, therefore someone probably expensive. Also, it may take a time to contact and request a quote, as often these professionals won’t just give you set price, which means you will need to go to many consolation meetings before you will be given a final quote. This definitely can be time-consuming. Sometimes, we just need few quotes and a general idea of what the cost are going to be like.

So, How to find a client or professionals in Manchester ?!

The answer is: Bidvine! Bidvine, it’s a great website to find professionals from photographers, painters to interior designers in your local area. You can request quotes, with no obligation to buy. You can compare quotes, then you can choose who you want to work with. I have set up my own profile so check it out! My Bidvine profile.

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My experience. It took me literally 7min to get first 2 quotes for a photographer in Manchester, and the following day, I received 3 more quotes. I was looking for a photographer on a budget to get professional portrait photos but outdoor. I've searched and chosen my criteria and budget. All the quotes meet my criteria and I have received few friendly invitations from photographers. I was so happy with the service, that now, I will set up my own profile! 

Bidvine made it even easier search as while you start typing Photography, you have a pop down suggestions like wedding photography, portrait, family etc. You can search on your desktop but also on your phone, with a mobile friendly website. The one thing I would slightly add is explored the search section as is slightly limited to certain Frasers, but then in the same time, you can use your box ''other'' if you didn't find what you need and discuss your need further with your professionals. 

find clients on bidvine mobile
Great to find clients and proffesionals
find clients on bidvine mobile

How can you use Bidvine?

Search for a professional. If you are looking for a photographer or painter, just simply type in search who you looking for, plus your postcode (  or postcode of area required) fill in all relevant information like budget, whether you require someone to visit you or you're are happy to visit the company (depends on of the circumstances of course). Once you submit, Bidvine will send you an email acknowledging your quote request and it depends on availability but you should receive within next 24h first responds. 

Professionals.  As an aspiring interior designer myself, I have searched for a way to find clients. It’s very difficult when you just enter the interior world. You can set up a website, of course, but again, it will take ages before you can get noticed out of tonnes other interior design websites. You can set a profile yourself and list things you specialise in, including photos of your recent jobs! It’s for anyone from man and van to a personal trainer or even a dietitian. 

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Will you use Bidvine? 

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ps. You can now Shop My Style!

*I was ask to review the app and opinion is entirely my own!:) 


  1. Bidvine sure appears to have a good quote system. 7 minutes is super fast too!

  2. ah i've never heard of this but it does sound a great website! easy to look for professionals and is great for freelancers too

  3. I've never heard of Bidvine, but that's such a great idea. I will use it in the future, when I will need someone.


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