How to increase the value of your home

You most likely read this post, because you’ve just stuck with your property on the market and you can’t sell it or rent it. You probably watched already all episodes of Phil Spencer; Property Agent but still can’t find an answer. Sometimes, the obvious can’t be seen so here, I hope I will help a little.

As both, an interior designer and renter myself, I know what it takes to create an environment that people walk into a property and instantly feel like home. There are few bits within styling, renovating and finishes that can change the appearance of your home to increase the value before selling or renting. 

Let’s be honest. It will cost you some money. You have to invest a bit, to get off it more. You can do a few more changes to your home, but you will attract more tenants with no worry at all. Even if you decide to sell the property, it will look much better and increase the value.

Let's do it room by room.

Kitchen. This is probably the room that every new tenant or buyer will check out first. You don’t want to spend loads of money for a new kitchen of course. Instead, you can do few small swaps. Start with repainting cabinet doors or changing them completely. You already have the frame and carcass, so a good wash inside will do. New cabinet doors will cost between £12-£60 in IKEA (make sure the dimensions match) and also you can change the worktop if is scratched or stained. If your kitchen cabinet doors are fine, think maybe of refreshing the door handles. In my recent post ‘how to create a low-maintenance kitchen, I have explained few bits there, so worth to have a look. You can choose from a leather to industrials ones. You will see how incredible change it will make.  Prices from £3-7 per handle! You can also replace a tap with a functional one! Price around £40
styling tip: Place a cooking book and perhaps a nice set of pan's or mugs. You can also hang a kitchen towels or leave a pot of faux herbs!

upgrade your kitchen
You can change the kitchen handles or whole front doors and change grout of tiles! (image IKEA kitchen)

Garden and patio. Definitely, cut the grass and remove all rubbish! Perhaps a new decking could be a solution. Basic plastic garden furniture will also work wonder, and you can get them for as cheap as £50-70. You can also think of creating a covered outdoor space area. Investing in a new canopy or veranda style cover, it will make space feel more like home. It also can be a multi-functional from a hiding space from a sun or rain. During colder days, your tenants or new owners can hide garden furniture underneath. It can also be a car protection from extreme weather. Think of companies like 123v that offers free survey and reasonable price and made-to-measure service. 
styling tip: Waterproof cushions, lanterns and BBQ, will work magic! 

Living room. If your place is furnished, think of replacing a sofa. A good sized corner sofa, 2 doubles or one 3-seater and statement chair will invite any tenant! If you only look to rent unfurnished or sell it, think of a feature wall and fireplace. If the space doesn’t have one, perhaps buy a wall mounted (£60-100) as this will really add a real home feeling and instantly invite to move in. Think to cover the windows with blinds. 
styling tip: Lighting is a key, so replace shades and perhaps leave a nice floor lamp. New throw and few cushions will add a little softness. If you selling the property without furniture, neutral wall art or curtains will add a bit of character. 

how to style your home for sale
If your have furniture in your property add some textures like cushions or throws

Bathroom. Here you can also make smaller changes than replacing the whole units. There are only a few bits you can do to refresh your bathroom. First of all, think to replace all your fixing like a shower head, taps and also new shower curtain it’s a must. You can add trendy colours like popular lately copper! Refresh the tiles by adding new coloured grout and add a heated towel rail. It will cost around £100 but it would definitely refresh the bathroom look. Instead of spending money on a new mirror, just place a hook above the basin and let the tenant or new owners pick their own. We women like to have our own mirror! 
styling tip: Leave a set of hand soaps and cotton scent bathroom freshener. Don’t forget to replace towel rail, pull-cord or just place a toilet brush soap dispensers. Nice touches that cost £2-£5 each.

Change taps and fixtures into cool one like cold or coloured ones! (image

Hall area. If you wish to rent, add hooks for jackets and a mirror here, as here it will make this space feel more inviting as soon as they enter the apartment. This will also add a few points if you wish to sell the property.
styling tip: An umbrella stand and welcome doormat will work wonder!

The magic of mirror in hall area is unreal! (image, PHOTOGRAPHY BY MYLIVING.SE)

Bedrooms. Fresh paint it's a must. I have magnolia walls and these drives me crazy. It reduces the light in the room and makes it look dated. Keep away from any cream colours and rather neutral, by using light grey or just simple white walls. Perhaps adding colours like darker grey or pastel shades in certain area’s will add a little bit a feature to every home. The cost varies from the size but anything between £100-£500. I would hold off with a patterned wallpaper unless is very neutral as well. Most space I viewed that had colourful wallpaper, just simply put me off. Same as flooring, if you can change the carpet. I wouldn’t worry about furniture but definitely, think of replacing the mattresses as there is nothing gross that walking into a bedroom to find a mattress with a mystery stains! 
styling tip: Think of new neutral lampshade and perhaps leave some candles or fresh flowers in window ledge. It will add some cosiness to any room. If you leave new bedding and pillows for a new tenant to unpack- it’s only a bonus! ps. It only cost £20 in Primark! Replace door knobs (£3!) in both main doors but also if your place is furnished! 

Flooring.  When I was looking for a property to buy I would have willingly paid more if it offered decent flooring because for me it's an important aspect of the house.  If you aim to rent your property, you don’t want to change your carpet every few years. It’s worthy to invest in a decent quality flooring that looks great and last years and years. Each person has a different clean routine and some people are not bothered with a professional clean, walk in shoes at home or have a ‘’heavy walk’’ as I say, and even the fluffiest carpet will get quickly damaged. Instead, opt for good quality laminate flooring.  Prices start from as little as  £7 and you will get a great floor cover, that will last years, and won't get damaged as easily.
You can also invest in a luxury 'Vinyl' flooring called LVT with a 3D printed design and that can come in various styles such as natural stone or wood effects. It's water resistant and comes in both tiles and planks, so you can create any floor effects. Prices start from £21

styling tip: Before a potential visit, mop the floor with a scented all purpose cleaner, as it will give a nice fresh feeling.

laminate flooring
invest in a good quality flooring
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* collaborative post but opinion and research all my own! As always!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I am looking at putting my house up for sale soon so these tips have came in very handy!

  2. Fab tips here. Thanks for sharing. Will have these tips in mind for our home improvements.

  3. Very nice photo's! These tips are really good! You could even use some just to upgrade without wanting to sell!

  4. Fantastic tips! I am actually trying to improve & update the decor in my home at the moment, so these tips are very appropriate!

  5. Yes! Yes to all of this! Great tips, not only to inctease the value, but to live in comfortably too

  6. The kitchen is the most important room in my opinion as I love to cook. I'll definitely need to come back to this post when I buy my first home

  7. direct and helpful tips! Mirrors do contribute on the whole house set up.

  8. These tips are so good, it's the little touches that really do make such a big difference to the feel of a space. Something like changing the kitchen cabinet doors or adding a floor lamp can completely transform a home. I'm just renting at the moment, and honestly these tips are handy for me wanting to just make the space feel more like my own as I'm not allowed to make big changes. x

  9. These are brilliant tips on how to increase the value of your home in a functional yet stylish way. My absolute favourite idea is upcycling - unleashing your creative side by painting the kitchen cupboards can definitely achieve a sleek and on trend look, bringing a new lease of life to the centre of the home. Keeping a neutral colour palette throughout the property, combined with warm lighting, will evoke a hearty welcoming ambience, attracting a potential buyer!

    Storage is a great idea in the hallway, but I would also suggest boxes and floating shelves as the perfect items for displaying your favourite pieces in the living area too. A fresh look will really lift the space and open it up, giving the rooms a cohesive appearance and feel.

    Incorporating a subtle pop of colour with accessories will lift each individual room, without being too overpowering. I love the idea of adding cushions and throws - it’s a great way to integrate the existing sofas and beds into the scheme, with a touch of softness. I would recommend combining two or three different patterned cushions with a few plainer ones for a bold modern look. These small improvements can really make a massive transformation to your property.

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