Since I was a little girl, I was always dreaming of winning loads of money and become rich! Then, I would imagine myself spending on a big house, a car, and some exotic trip! My family has always been playing the lottery, especially my grandad and my dad. My grandad once won large amount! I remember the bags of sweets! They had arguments with my grandma but she would always give him some pocket money for ‘lotek’ as they used to call it. I would often go with grandad to buy tickets, and help him chose numbers! It brings a smile to my face when I think about it! So many memories!

As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from a tree, I am now following their path! I play every week, and I'm not ashamed of that. I do believe, I will win one day and I put small pocket many once a month,even to play scratch cards and dream of winning 1mln like, the road worker in Manchester! I want a fabulous life, who doesn't?

I was trying my luck in competitions since I remember. Whether these are blogger competitions or just any other social media based. I won many prizes as well. My recent was a huge bag of goodies from The Body Shop once they held their twitter party or Housology Facebook competition where I won a nice designer throw. The one I am constant unlucky is winning a holiday or big money! Ah! I guess I just have to work hard or keep playing!

Two years ago, National Lottery held a competition called Millionaire Lifestyle, where all participants had to upload a video saying why they should win! There were few amazing prizes like a holiday on some exotic island or Helicopter trip over London! I wanted to win so much that I took part! Sadly I didn't win but here you, have a laugh! ;) ps. this was when I had blond hair ;p


As you can see, I am always trying my luck. Recently, I was introduced to and given some credits to play online. As a gamer in my blood, I wanted to try. I didn’t understand this at first but as soon as I logged in it become very clear! It’s basically betting against lotteries in other countries, which you normally wouldn’t be able to play as you have to be a resident. With Lottoland, I played the Polish Lottery! I chose my numbers as I would normally online, and placed my bet. It cost pretty much the same as you would normally bet, so around £2 per ticket. It can be costly, so just be careful, as you have the same chance as you would play in that country. It all depends on of the winning numbers!  You can also join EuroMillions syndicates, which is basically more people playing and you have better chances to win. I have played for Tuesday and this Friday, so oh gosh wish me luck!

Also, just a note from myself. All games are games in the end and you have to play responsibly! I have set myself a goal of spending £15-20 tops each month, sometimes I will win more, sometimes I will lose. It’s a luck in the end of the day! You are a responsible adult! I have a very competitive spirit and I am definitely trying! I promised myself I will win big one day!

* collaborative post, I was given a credit to play online and try :) so opinion is entirely my own! I play myself every week but please be responsible!

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  1. Fab post Anna. I would want to win millions too.

  2. Lottoland sounds amazing! I really want to play :) It is luck of the day and I wish you all the luck and hope you win, even the small wins all add up :) (Also I love your camera, such a pretty colour!) xx

  3. Oh see I must just be an unlucky person ha as I do the lottery weekly along with many online competitions and have yet to win anything

  4. This reminds me of things like the Irish lottery my parents play even though we live in England

    Mel ★

  5. This put a smile to my face because my mum always does the lottery, and has always said she will win :)


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