Stradivarius Launch on Oxford circus, The event paper Vlog

Last week, I was invited to join Stradivarius on their opening night at the Oxford circus in London.
I got really excited, as I know the brand! Stradivarius is very popular in Europe already, and I was little surprised to hear that they only ‘’just’’ opening a London store! I adore their fashion pieces

For now, enjoy the  video :)) 

This post won't have much words as I decided to take on blog event! I believe that events like that are better recorded as it’s the only way to show thermal vibes, and believe me: Stradivarius delivered a VIP event that gathered many celebrities from Hailey Baldwin to a Caroline Flack! I was  kindly gifted an outfit but as it was last minute, it only arrived a next day but I still took some snaps by phone for now, but I will make sure I have a decent photoshoot like the one I did for a Kurt Geiger ;)

and few more snaps from the event!

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  1. I have been shopping at Stradivarius for a while now and I love their pieces! The outfit that you were gifted looks so nice :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  2. Oh my god - the handbags, the shoes!! I am def going to have to check it out next week. And how much were those cute perfumes? Love the bottles!
    Looks like you had a great time - lovely video! x


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