What I learnt from Olympics 2016

what I learnt from Olympics

After my previous post What I learnt from Blogging Awards, I wanted to also chat about Olympics, as I find it very very inspiring!

This year, The Great Britain best sports talents brought back home a bunch of gold medals from Olympics 2016. I followed the news, and whenever I had a moment, I watched the fight for that little gold disc. Exactly! Why people train so much, spend ours and train so hard, while being on a very strict diet, just for the sake of some gold disc? No, they want to achieve and prove themselves, they can rule the word! As a blogger who won 2 Blogging Awards , I know exactly what it means, despite someone would say it’s a plastic or glass trophy, for me this means a lot.

I always lived my live relaxed and ‘whatever next day will bring’. Once, I am more mature and actually pay attention to my life choices and decisions, I feel more in control. It all started when I made a decision to go to college. With a book of Abigail Ahern ‘’A Girl's Guide to Decorating'' and a letter from a restaurant manager saying ‘’I can speak a little English’’ I went for an interview and my amazing tutor Heather, gave me the chance and accepted me into the course. From a girl who had no clue about decorating, I made myself a promise I will do anything to succeed! And I kept that promise to myself. I went to university and got my first award then, a Dean’s Award for a contribution to an interior design! Imagine my surprise and happiness! This made me realise, that I can do whatever I want as long as I work hard for it! Then, my blog was born! 

what I learnt from Olympics
Members of team GB returning home

So, What I learned from Olympics 2016 ?!

Be ProActive
To win and succeed, it’s not just to do well in the game. You have to be prepared in advance and by watching Olympics, I realised that the sportsman  doesn't just do sport. It takes years of physical preparation but also it takes loads of research toward new technologies and equipment. It takes a time to find the right diet that gives the exact amount of nutritious and energy for the sportsman. 

Me:This also reminds me that the same with blogging, it takes time. I daily search for new apps how to schedule, how to improve the layout and learn more and more. It’s not just to seat and write to take pretty pictures. I do go out to events and do networking, and answer tonnes of emails that helps with future collaborations! I am being ProActive!

Be Passionate
If you don’t love what you do, no one will! The best gifs on the internet from Olympics are those with the face of emotions from the sportsman. Whether is a disappointment of loose or the happiness of win, sportsman's are the most passionate in what they doing. I've not seen a face of any contestant who would just ‘’stood there’’ because it pays a lot. They all love what they doing and that’s what makes them succeed! 

Me: This is the same with me and blogging. I just love it! Before, when I started I would accept gifts from brands because I was just happy to get a parcel. I ended up with a writer block because I wasn’t passionate about the item. One day, I man up and packed all the gifts and send them back to brands saying, ‘I am sorry it’s not my style’. 

Be Determined
When you watch the way how sportsman concentrates and push to win it’s so inspiring! They had goals once, and they will do everything to get to the podium. If I find someone who’s name is not well known, and they just won, I instantly research them! I want to know how they did it. I want to read their inspiring biography.  

Me: Seeing people’s story’s who were extremely determined and succeed it’s the biggest motivation to myself. I went myself from nothing to a list of achievements. A real people story means to me more, than a story of a rich girl, who bought herself 15 Chanel bags, photographed them and got 10K followers. 

Thrive for Success.
They are there to win. They not being sent to Olympics game for fun or treatment. This is not a Xfactor were, even less talented people are accepted. This is a game, a game that can be extremely danger but people are there to win. If they wouldn’t be talented or seeing as potential winners, they wouldn’t be sent to take part in it. Simple as that.

Me: Despite that blogging is not a game, I still have goals I have clearly written and I am there to ‘win them’ and I am not talking about blogging awards. Blogging awards were the push factor same as for sportsman to be ‘’accepted’’ and I am now on my own game to win the biggest ‘’trophy’’; be successful in life. 

I get inspired but many aspects of life. it's not just other bloggers or big writers, I take what life is showing and I just learn life. It's funny how I barely watch sport a few years back, but now I look for successful real life stories everywhere! While doing a research for this post a came across this fun test Olympics sport or not, try it! I love Olympics, and I am very much surprised by myself that I didn't watch it before! I've changed so many things, since I am living in UK!

Do you watch Olympics? 

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  1. It's so important to have goals in life. Olympians strive to be the best and don't let set backs knock them and we can learn a lot from them.

    1. It is! Exactly it was my point for this post! :)

  2. I watched a few Olympic events but totally agree how inspiring the Olympians are. All those set backs and they still carry on, amazing!


    1. they are! It's crazy how hardworking people they are!

  3. So true!! You're an inspiration Anna : )

    1. Ah love you girl! We need to catch up ! and heey! I didn't recognised you with your new surname! <3


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