An Autumn bedroom makeover to brighten up the space

If you remember my post How to make a gallery wall in a rented apartment, you know that my room for the summer was full of pink vibes (obviously!). As autumn fully kicked off now and days are getting shorter, therefore we have less light during the day. So, I had to swap things around to allow more light in my room. I decided to take down some of my pink posters and create a little cosy, yet light and brighten up the bedroom for autumn. I wanted to do an autumn room makeover for ages and now, I do have to admit that I am fully pleased with the change. The room is now bright and airy!

My first biggest update is a new big Bella Vintage rectangular mirror from and I can’t even express how much I love it! I have a large wardrobe with a mirror but is located right opposite my tiny window which means, each time I take photos, I was standing back to light so just imagine the result. My old floor mirror was so tiny that it was impossible to take outfit photos and you know, I just love Fashion! I was impressed with the delivery as well. I received an email and a phone call on a day when the mirror arrived. The delivery man brought it right to my room! Yes, to my room! He even helped me position it and asked if I am okay to unpack myself or need a help! That’s is what I call a customer service. Brilliant! I love the detail or the frame with delicate floral pattern and distressed creamy colour. The mirror is very heavy, yet easy to slide on my carpet if I want to reposition it. It’s a must have! Perhaps you guessed how much I love it based on a number of times it’s been now on my Instagram stories;)Positioning the mirror right next to the window, was an absolutely amazing idea as it reflects the light and it creates a brighter room. my bedding is from Sainsbury Home, so is the throw! Really good quality and super soft with 400 thread counts! We all know that buying homeware from a supermarket can be much cheaper, and now having such as great quality you wallet is going to thank you!

Forgive me my pyjama ;) morning photoshoot;p
Additionally, I got the every respectful blogger must have- an A4 cinematic light box from Such a happy little gadget! I was playing around with words, and funny text and decided to cheer up myself with a simple Happy Day sign, which to be completely honest, it’s a fall out of ‘Friday’.. eek! I've lost ‘’Fri’’ while moving it around, so it stays as Day, at least I am no prioritising and every day must happy: end of.

Have you spotted my Michael Kors handbag from Farfetch? I also adore my little green glass flower pots from IKEA that I received in a goodie bag from LiveLagom workshop. I decided to hang my hats, as these were for ages going from a corner to a corner and I never knew what to do with them! The last thing was pushing the bed further away toward wardrobe and creating a space closer to a window. This is purely so I can place my camera from a window side to get more light in while doing photos and vlogs. (Yes, I am kicking off now with more vlogs!)

My new cushion is from CoconutLane and I LOVE IT! I have a big bag of goodies from them, and soon I'll show you more! You can get 20% from the store, just use DCMS20 discount code!

*I have received all linked goodies for an honest review, here you go- I loved each item!

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How do you like the change? which is your favourite bit?


  1. Ahhhh, that mirror is EXACTLY what I've been looking for for my spare bedroom - need it! Loving the statement cushions too xxx
    Sophie Cliff

  2. This looks great, I def need to get a big mirror in my room to try and lighten it up a bit. Gorgeous cat, looks super cosy :)

  3. That mirror is perfect! I love it all. Come to think of it can I have your room? ;)

  4. What a gorgeous bedroom,I love all the little touches you have made to it.

  5. I actually love your little abode so much...its amazing what you can do with some gorgeous prints and a good fluffy rug! x


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