An Autumn Vibes, home accessories to get through the colder days

Primark homeware autumn
Brr, this morning I was heading to an interview and despite the sun outside, it was actually quite cold! I think autumn fully entered the UK! It’s not that I complain, but I do prefer warmer days. Saying that, I had to slightly transform my bedroom to allow more light in, so you can catch up with my previous post An Autumn bedroom makeover.

Yesterday evening, while doing some visuals for a client and munching on kinder choco bons (I am seriously going get fat because of that!)  I had a new vision in my head for my apartment. You probably noticed in my bedroom that I started a little of a boho influences in there. I thought it would be nice to bring them into rest of my apartment as well. Obviously, I won’t suddenly turn my whole flat into a Boho tent, as you do know my style; it's industrial with pastel glamour according to an Amara Style Test (go and try yourself ;) 

I had a trip to Primark few days ago as I wanted to pick up an umbrella, and guess what? (yes, you right I didn't just pick up an umbrella) but not talking about that now actually. Primark Homeware is getting better and better when it comes to trends. I must say, they pretty spot on, on seasonal styling. Primary Home Hazy hotlist including Hazy Havana collection features all autumn colours with soft pastels and bronze! Awesome

Let's have a look at my Autumn vibes inspirations!

autumn vibes inspirations
Right:TheFrenchBedroomCompany, MissoniHome, UGG, Left: Freepeople, Christy, Sissa Sundling

I was looking for some inspirations and I thought I would bring these to you. Let’s start with UGG! I seriously have a very soft spot for a UGG brand and it’s not only the must-have this winter boots but also UGG homeware. I seriously would love to have some of the soft snuggly throws or cushions at mines! I also adore this season Missoni Home colours! Isn’t like the perfect bedding for Autumn? I have specified previously a small collection from Roche Bobois to my UK footballer client we designed a home to, and the whole collection was covered in Missoni Home fabrics. Once we are by the Amara interior blog awards sponsors, by the way, let’s also mention the Christy brand. I was looking previously for some inspirations for my Copper and Marble bathroom post and I couldn't walk away without noticing the amazing colours of their towels. Another beautiful item I have spotted this week is a side table by The French Bedroom company. I wanted to show something for the bronze lovers and I think the side table just kick the spot with its own lovely detail.  Have you noticed the cushion? It's designed by Sissa Sundling, so the wallpaper for Sandberg. Don’t you think watercolour design effect is the huge 2016 trend? I hope this will fly toward 2017 as I just adore it. 

watercolour effect wallpaper beautiful apartment with Sandberg wallpaper

While being at the Autumn Fair last month I have spotted By Boo company and their beautiful homeware. Literally, so many great items and these are just screaming Autumn to me.  Ah, I can't forget my Autumn top tip: add bronze hooks and hardware and replace them with boring chrome ones. I will always say it, the detail in the design is crucial, so don’t only focus on decorations or lighting! This also applies to small details like light switches, door handles or even colour of your plinth, as then you will see the house as complete!

autumn vibes accessories
Top: E-hardware hook, ByBoo skull, Zara Home cushion, UGG throws, Bottom: By Alex desk, Urban Outfitters tray & cushions

ByAlex is all about beautiful and handmade furniture. I think, I am little in love with the simplicity of the design. There are so many possibilities to go bespoke, don't you think? I am also drawn this year to Zara Home. Very earthy and neutral designs. Zara Home, recently opened their store at the Trafford centre in Manchester and each time I am there, guess where I ended up? I can’t miss Urban Outfitters when we talk Autumn! Again, while doing a bit of research to my previous post, I came across this marble bedding and as my post was all about a bathroom, for an obvious reason I couldn’t include it so decided to share this amazing finding here! Enjoy!

Marble duvet cover
Urban Outfitters marble duvet cover-love it!

Are you ready for Autumn?

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  1. A great selection! You're right, everytime I pop into Primark I see something new and it's like they're keeping up with trends to make some really affordable homeware these days

    Mel ★

  2. Great post... Loving the marble bedding !
    Ninz |

  3. I love the idea of cozying up for winter! We definitely need to invest in some new blankets I think.


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