Get warm this winter with a stylish and quirky radiators!

pastel pink radiatorRadiator – not exactly the most exciting or inspiring products in our homes. However, you can find radiators in nearly every home unless someone has a underfloor heating. Radiators have the tendency to be boring and always on the way if you plan your room layout, isn’t that true? Well, some of the radiators designs can be quite tacky and I wonder who came up with  such a silly idea. I have grown up with a typical cast iron vertical radiator. Gosh, I hated mine so much! It was either leaking, or burning my fingers or not working when it should!(image on right source)

These days, companies trying to find a solution to turn this product into an actual feature as well as a functional product that keep our apartments warm in colder days. If you’re looking for more  a statement piece for your home rather than an understated heating device, you can find these days many options. Whether you are looking for a vertical bathroom heated towel rail or a horizontal one to your bedroom, you can find something that ticks all your boxes. If you are a traditionalist and looking for a standard electric heater, then companies like Best Electric Radiators will be your best choice. As commercial designers, we were often buying from this brand to our clients as these are affordable, functional and with several design options but also difference sizes to meet our criteria. Alternatively, you can have a look below for a different stylish radiators and some are very very pricey and some as cheap as DIY :) 

Let’s have a look at the options below for something more in colour ways. 

pink cast iron radiator with towel rail
Designed by Armstrong Keyworth for Chelsea Town House- loving this choice or radiator!

1. The Nature Touch 

Nature is something we all admire and as you can add flowery wallpaper or leafy mirror, you can also have a flower design on your radiator. I quite like the simple design, and for those who lover flowery pattern, it would be a real nature touch to your home. Although as this is a design by Joris Laarman called heatwave radiator, the price starts from £1,056.80 to £5,748.30 !!!

sublime swirl nature inspired radiator
Joris Laarman heatwave radiator image source

2. Criss-Cross 

Next, this criss-cross design freestanding radiator dominates the entire room as the first and indeed the only thing to catch the eye. This design is very practical. It’s not only a radiator but also can work as a room divider.
criss cross radiator room divider
The Shangai radiator by Scirocco H

3. Ombre radiator

If you can;t afford a new one, why not just upgrade your cast iron one? I love this ombre colour! You can use paints from and just simply paint one into an ombre style rather one colour. 

ombre radiator
Ombre Radiator in a Easy Tiger Goods - image credits right by The Run In and left by Emma

4. Pastel range.

You can also choose a pastel range like these from who offer a range of pastels, metallic and many other quirky texture colours. These perhap’s won’t the budget option but if you are not familiar with DIY, then these are just perfect. I saw them being featured in many magazines as well.

Bisque pastel radiators
Bisque pastel radiators
Bisque pastel radiators
Bisque pastel radiators

5. Radiator cover

If a change of radiator is absolutely out of a budget, then it’s worth to explore a range of a radiator covers. It simply doesn’t have to be a wooden boring box. I saw pretty laser cut lace one or you can even go for a cheaper DIY option and just use perforated sheet. 

radiator cover laser cut
radiator cover made of laser cut & perforated sheet

6. Thermosaurus

This is rather cool! Designer by Art. Lebedev Studio, this is a concept of a Tyrannosaurus inspired radiator that is cast iron and designed to save energy. The design studio is working hard to bring the idea to life, so who knows in next few years you may end up with a dinosaur in your kid room?

quirky Tyrannosaurus radiator
Quirky Thermosaurus radiator

pink towel rail
Bisque pink towel rail

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  1. I love the pastel radiators. Such a great idea. I can't stand traditional radiators, they look so dull x


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