What is Matcha Tea? Health benefits of matcha tea plus teapigs review

tea cup of matcha tea
Last week, I had an interesting conversation with a stranger in a cafe at the Piccadilly train station. I have ordered my late and added my matcha tea sachets to my coffee, following by a stir with my whisk. It took me 20seconds to create my tea. I was just about to leave when I heard 'What was that?' question from behind my back. I have turned around, I saw a guy staring at me with a slightly intrigued face expression.  I have smiled at him and I explained that it was my ‘’matcha on the go’’ sachet. 

Seeing his face still rather puzzled, I have explained that matcha tea is just ground green tea powder, that I can add to any drink like coffee, which gives me more energy. I added that it’s also a great antioxidant and boosts my metabolism but also helps me to burn calories. I have also explained that matcha tea detoxifies my body and is rich in fibre and contains vitamins C as well as zinc and magnesium. The stranger then looked at me and just asked: 'Why don't you just order a green tea then?' Fair question, so I explained that by adding a matcha powder to my drink, will allow me to ‘’drink’’ the entire grounded leaf rather just the essence which means, I just get the whole benefit of green tea. Also, I love coffee. I like to taste the coffee and in the morning, I rather drink coffee than just tea as my brain is used to it and my eyes only open on the smell of fresh coffee beans. Adding my matcha to my latte, I do trick my brain, that I still drink coffee with the benefit of a green tea. Despite, as much as ''smart ass'' I sounded, he did look interested so I passed him of my sachets to try it at home.

teapigs matcha tea review

Do I double up my caffeine intake? Yes, I do. That’s why I don't need a caffeine after that. Normally, I used to drink 3-4 cups of coffee between 9am to 6pm ( these who worked with me in the office knows my addiction) It was very very bad for me. I ended up being more distracted and with a number of toilet trips, I could only count and count. I would become dehydrated on daily basis. Adding my matcha tea to my morning coffee, literally stopped me from drinking another coffee, as I already received enough of caffeine that day. (and enough energy) I would then switch to just non-caffeine teas like chamomile or peppermint teas. 

Where is my matcha from? As you can see it’s from teapigs! I received a free sample box to try and since then, I can’t start my day without it. I just love it. I have always a small jar of my matcha at home and sachets to take with me. 

Why the whisk? Matcha tea doesn’t dissolve without a good stir. A simple spoon stir wouldn’t do the job. I ended up in small bits in my mouth, which I hate. Same as I hate orange juice with bits. (I always buy smooth one, you know ;) The whisk is so easy to carry everywhere! Once is used I can just, put it back into the plastic case and once at home, give it a wash. It’s very handy.

Is it just for a latte? No. I add my matcha to my morning veggie smoothie, I add it to my porridge or even my pancakes! I just allow myself a one to two portions of it a day, so don’t overtake it. If you added already to your morning coffee, that’s probably enough for the day and then you can have either another cup in afternoon or just add to a meal. Generally speaking, 200mg a day of caffeine is just enough. So if you drink coffee, count that in as well.

Does it taste bitter? Yes. It tastes like a strong green tea, which not everyone likes. This is why people add it to milky drinks, to smooth the taste down. I can drink my matcha just with hot water, and I am completely fine with it but I add to with my morning coffee instead, as I explained before. 

matcha tea ground green tea
matcha tea ground green tea with whisk
matcha tea cup
teapigs matcha tea review
teapigs matcha tea review

Are you a green tea lover? Have you tried matcha? 

Ah and my lovely tea cup is from Wedgwood :) I know you wanted to ask that!

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*I have rcived the tea in a sample pack, but opinion is entirely my own.

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